Yellow Class

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吕萱蓉 Tingting

大家好!我叫葶葶,负责塔州中文学校黄色班的教学工作。我毕业于山西师范大学英语教育专业,有多年的国内外中英文教学经验。我曾在中国任职小学语文老师,以及中学英文老师。2015年-2017年, 我曾任职于墨尔本两所当地小学的afternoon class的中文老师,以及墨尔本新金山学校中文老师。课堂中,我喜欢使用各种游戏教学,让学生在快乐中学到更多的中文。此外,我还喜欢采用各种多媒体教学方法让同学们通过视频,图片了解更多的中国传统文化。教学中,我的座右铭是:兴趣是学生愿意学习的标志,寓教于乐是打开中文学习的大门,学以致用是学生对中文最高级的表达。

黄色班是塔州中文学校的较高水平的中文班级。黄色班学生年龄介于11岁到14岁之间,家庭语言背景是普通话或者其他中国方言。学生们来自于移民家庭,具有一定的中文听说能力,上课用全中文授课。黄色班的教学目标以系统学习中国汉字,重点培养学生中文阅读和自我表述中文的能力为主,同时普及传统中国文化,从而使学生在学习中文过程中达到学以致用的目标。教材使用的是中国暨南华文学院编写的《中文》系列,同时也会给学生补充一写课外阅读文章。黄色班的学生结业时要求能够有独自阅读短篇课文的能力,以及能够通过HSK 三级考试的能力。

Hello everyone! My name is Tingting, responsible for teaching the yellow class of the Tasmania Chinese School. I graduated from Shanxi Normal (Teacher Education) University with an English education major and have many years of experience in teaching Chinese and English in China and Australia. I have worked as a Chinese teacher in primary school and English teacher in middle school in China. From 2015 to 2017, I worked as a Chinese teacher in the afternoon class of two local primary schools in Melbourne, as well as a Chinese teacher in Melbourne New Golden Mountain School. In the class, I like to use various games to teach students who are then bathed in happiness while learning more Chinese. In addition, I also like to use various multimedia teaching methods for students to learn more about traditional Chinese culture through videos and pictures. In teaching, my motto is: interest is a sign that students are willing to learn, and edutainment is the door to Chinese learning, and learning to apply is the most advanced expression of Chinese.

The yellow class is a higher-level Chinese class in the Tasmania Chinese School with students between 11 and 14 years old. The students come from immigrant families with either Mandarin or other Chinese dialects background, and so have certain listening and speaking skills in Chinese, which is used throughout the class. The teaching objective of the yellow class is to systematically learn Chinese characters, focusing on cultivating students’ ability to read and self-express Chinese, and at the same time popularise traditional Chinese culture so that students can achieve the goal of learning to use in the process of learning Chinese. The textbooks used are the “Chinese” series published by the School of Chinese Language and Culture, Jinan University, China, and students are also supplemented with extra-curricular reading articles. Students in the yellow class are required to have the ability to read short texts on their own and the ability to pass the HSK Level 3 exam.