Yellow Class

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Sarah Lu


My name is Sarah Lu. I prefer my students to call me ‘teacher Lu’. Because I love my job as a teacher which is a process of self-actualization. It is happiness and satisfaction for me when my students improve. I graduated from Capital Normal University, and I was a primary teacher in a public school in China. I also have the qualification of Confucius Institute (Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages). I have several years of experience in charge of a class. When I was in Beijing I used to teach Math, Chinese and traditional Chinese poetry. After I arrived here, I look for doing something for the teach the Chinese, such as teach children language and introduce Chinese culture. I pleased that I can meet and join Tasmania Chinese School.


Most students of Yellow Class are from Chinese family background and the class is conducted mostly in Chinese. Students are aged from 7 to 12 years of age and they are expected to be able to use basic Chinese greetings; recognise some numbers in Chinese writing, shapes and colours; know 1 or 2 simple Chinese Nursery Rhymes. Teaching materials in Class 3 are 《汉语》series which give priority to listening and speaking skills, supplementary study in reading and writing Chinese characters. Through grammar learning, word replacing, sentence building, traditional Chinese poems, fork stories, songs, nursery rhymes and Videos, we target the students’ vocabulary and sentences building abilities.

By learning the Pinyin and tones, students gradually acquire ability to recognise and read simple Chinese Characters the writing of which is individually programmed, from basic Chinese Radicals to slightly complicated Chinese Characters. We focus on correct character strokes and after each lesson, I would email parents the class feedback and homework which is based on the practice of speaking and Chinese character writing.