Tasmania Chinese School Annual Report 2010

Thanks to all teachers, parents and Wendy, this year has been another significant and successful year with the following activities:

5/1/10 to 20/1/10: Teacher Hong Zhen Hu and Principal Kim Phong went to China to attend the teacher training. This was organised by Qiao Ban China. We learned multimedia teaching skill; how to operate computer; multimedia design and cultural study.

7/3/10: Interaction activities with Parents. It was a good time to get together to exchange ideas between parents and school teachers. We have collated these good ideas and will make improvements when appropriate.

13/3/10: All our teachers attended a Forum held by the University of Tasmania for Chinese Teachers.

20/6/10: Teacher Development: Marianne Potma who has nearly 30 year experience of teaching,shared her teaching experience and professional skill with the teachers.

17/7/10: Special bargaining activity for the whole school allows students to apply the language they learned in class to real market, with very good feedback from all parents and students.

21/8/10: Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Chinese school venue moved from Albuera Street Primary School to Ogilvie High School. We are glad to have such a good environment and space for our students to continue studying. I appreciate the help from Betty and Corinne for this. Unfortunately some students have to give up study because of the distance.

2/10/10: Students and Teachers performed at the Karaoke competition organised by The Chinese PRC Society of UTAS to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival and Chinese National Day.

16/10/10: Chinese School held a stall at the World Party at the Hobart City Hall to promote the School. It was organised by Hobart City Council and thanks to all teachers who sacrificed their time to help complete our bookmarks and brochures. Thanks also to the Editor of Chinese News, Mrs Yongbei Tang, for promoting the school’s image and activities.

29/10/10: Had a stall to promote our School by distributing the brochures and selling bookmarks at the Campbell Street Primary Fair. Special thanks to one of our parents, Mrs Jan William, who put in a lot of effort. Thanks also to our teachers, Youyou and Helen for this event.

17/11/10 to 24/11/10: Teacher Hongzheng Hu attended the training for overseas teachers about Chinese curricula at Shanghai, China.

20/11/10: Attended the Hobart City Christmas Pageant through the Migrant Resource Centre. Thanks for the support from parents and our lovely students who attended the Pageant.

Besides all the activities mentioned above, we also held three teachers’ meetings. We started our website (www.cstas.com) in October this year. Through the website, you can check school updates, teachers’ teaching plan and homework for students, and leave your reply and suggestions.

Next year we plan the following development for the Tasmania Chinese School:

The set up of a small library where students can borrow books or DVD’s

Organize more activities about Chinese culture to cultivate students’ interest of learning Chinese.

Continue upgrades the school website to enhance the communication between parents and teachers.

Organise more writing, reading and drawing competitions

The use of multimedia method for teaching

To improve the Chinese School, we would welcome any suggestion from all parents and friends. Let us all contribute to make the Tasmania Chinese School a school to be proud of.

(Principal email: cstas1997@gmail.com).


Kim Phong