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Students Safety Regulations

Students Safety Regulations

– Students must be picked up by parents within the school campus or classroom.

– Students must keep the school rules and regulations consciously and must not scrawl on anything inside and outside the classroom.

– Students should take care of the items in the classroom. Any loss caused by the students should be an obligation of their parents.

– Must not remove any property from the classroom.

– Students must take activities within the stated areas in the school campus and are responsible for any consequences outside the stated areas.

– Students are not allowed to stay in classrooms during break time.

– No food and drink allowed within classrooms.

– 请家长必须在校园或教室内接送孩子。

– 请同学自觉遵守学校规章制度,不要在教室内或教室外任何地方涂鸦。

– 爱护教室内的一切物品,否则如有任何损坏,费用由家长赔偿。

– 请不要移动或拿走属于学校的任何东西。

– 小息时,请学生们自觉地在学校规定的区域内活动,如有意外, 责任自负。

– 小息时,不准留在课室里。

– 不准在课室里进食。

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