School Fee Policy

– Fees must be paid in term, weekly payment is not acceptable. Once paid, fees are non-refundable during school terms if the student cannot attend due to personal reasons. If a trial lesson is required, there will be a cost of $15 per lesson.

– Tuition fees are payable strictly within 30 days of term.  A $10 penalty would apply after the due date.

– If commencing class with less than half the term remaining, the tuition fee will be $10 each lesson.

– 5% discount applies to CCAT (Chinese Community Association of Tasmania) members with children enrolled in Language Classes at Tasmania Chinese School.

– Further 5% discount applies to families with 3-4 children enrolled in Language Classes at Tasmania Chinese School

– Further discount for children enrolled in Language Class and Drawing Class

– 一次必须缴纳一个学期的学费。缴交后,即使因个人原因不来上课,亦一律不予退款。如要让孩子试读,每节课需交$15.

– 学费必须在开学一个月内缴款,逾期要多交十元。

– 临时插班,上课少于学期一半,每节课收费十元。

– 凡是塔省华侨联谊会会员子弟,语言班学费可享5% 额外优惠。

– 凡报名就读中文班,及学习画画的学生,可享有优惠。

– 一家3-4个孩子在塔省中文学校语言班上学可享有5% 额外优惠。

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