Red Class

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周璇 Fiona Zhou

大家好!我叫周旋。我是红色班(HSK 培训班)的老师,已经在这个班任教两年了。



Hello everyone. My name is Fiona (Xuan) ZHOU and I have been teaching the Red Class (HSK class) for two years.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages from China and also a Master’s Degree in Teaching from the University of Tasmania. I possess rich teaching experience having taught in China, South Korea, England and Australia.

The students in the Red Class are mostly from Chinese background families between 10 to 15 years old, and a small number of local adult Chinese learners. The textbooks that we are currently using are the junior high school version of the “Han Yu” series, coupled with workbooks which would benefit students in improving their reading and writing skills. We use Chinese throughout the class, aiming to promote the students’ comprehensive abilities to use Chinese. Based on the students’ current performance, I put more emphasis on developing their skills in writing Chinese characters and articles. These prepare students with particular training and assistance for the HSK test and also help in cultivating student awareness and expanding their knowledge of traditional Chinese culture, history and poetry.