Purple Class

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苗露 LuLu

大家好!我叫苗露,学生们喜欢叫我LuLu老师。我在瑞典、丹麦以及美国完成了我的硕士阶段的学习,目前在澳大利亚进行教育方面的深造学习。在多文化的背景的熏陶下,我在瑞典、美国、中国大陆和澳洲积累了丰富的汉语以及英语教学经验。我在教学过程中,注重启发学生对语言学习的热情, 因材施教。结合我在国外的学习生活,给学生多种学习语言的视角。我始终坚信:Not to study, but to learn。



Hello everyone! My name is Miao Lu, and students like to call me teacher LuLu. I completed my master’s degree in Sweden, Denmark, and the United States. I am currently pursuing further education in teaching in Australia. With the multi-cultural background, I have accumulated rich experience in teaching both Chinese and English in Sweden, the United States, mainland China and Australia. In the teaching process, I specifically inspire students’ passion for language learning and teach according to their aptitude. Combined with my study life abroad, I am always giving students various aspects of learning languages. I firmly believe: Not to study, but to learn.

I am responsible for teaching the purple class of the Tasmania Chinese School. The students in the purple class are between 8 and 10 years old, mostly from immigrant families in China or bilingual background, and the classes are taught in Chinese. We use the “Chinese” series of textbooks published by the School of Chinese Language and Culture, Jinan University, China. Students continue to study and review and consolidate single words, learn to form words and gain strength in Chinese listening. I use a variety of classroom teaching methods to explain new Chinese vocabulary, and require students to answer questions in simple Chinese, learn to make oral sentences for the designated vocabulary of the text, and learn to read the text aloud. Each child is a flower, but the bloom period is different, diligently, waiting for the flower to bloom patiently. Teacher LuLu would like to join in the marine world of Chinese with you.