Pink Class & Baby Dancing

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周上玲 Sunny

大家好!我叫周上玲 (Sunny),是粉色班(幼儿班)的老师。我毕业于重庆师范大学学前教育专业,获学前教育本科学位。在中国有5年的幼儿教育教学及管理经验。我的教学理念是寓教于乐。

班级情况: 粉色班(幼儿班)的小朋友是中文学校所有班级中年龄最小的班级(幼儿年龄在3-5岁之间)。有的小朋友来自中文背景家庭,有的小朋友来自英文背景家庭。我们的教材主要是以《幼儿汉语》第一册和第二册为主,另外我们会增加一些有趣的教学内容,如中文儿歌,日常常用词汇及对话,简单笔画和汉字,绘画手工等。游戏教学与多媒体教学相结合激发学生学中文的兴趣。


幼儿舞蹈班班级特点: 主要针对4-6岁幼儿,以趣味性和启发性的特点教学。
课程内容: 舞蹈基本功训练、中国舞考级、民族舞等等。老师会根据班级特点编排创作舞蹈作品,让小朋友们接受到不同风格的舞蹈作品学习。

Hi everybody. My name is Sunny and I am the teacher of Pink Class (Kinder). I graduated from Chongqing Normal (Teacher Education) University with a Bachelor’s Degree of preschool education and nearly 5 years work experience in relation to early childhood teaching and teaching management. My teaching philosophy is teaching through fun activities.

The students in Pink Class are the youngest in the Chinese School (aged between 3 and 5) from both Chinese and English backgrounds. Our class focuses on two textbooks, YOUER HAN YU I and II (Chinese for Younger Students), and students can also experience many interesting extracurricular activities such as learning Chinese songs, daily vocabulary and conversation, simple Chinese strokes as well as Chinese characters, drawing and so on. A combination of teaching games and multimedia teaching all help to motivate students’ interest in terms of learning Chinese. Welcome to more kids to join the Chinese School and be happy to learn Chinese!

I am also a teacher of the Children’s Dancing class. I have choreographed dance works for children in Chinese schools and participated in various dance performances.

Children’s dance class characteristics: mainly for children aged 4-6, teaching with interesting and enlightening characteristics.
Course content: Basic dance training, Chinese dance examination, folk dance, etc. The teacher will arrange and create dance works according to the characteristics of the class so that the children can learn different styles of dance works.