Orange Class

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丁艾琳 Ailin


Hello everybody. My name is Ailin Ding, the teacher of Orange Class where most students are lower-grade primary school children aged between 6 and 9. All of them are from Chinese background (Mandarin or other Chinese dialects), with a certain level of Chinese listening and speaking capability.

Teaching is conducted in Chinese and based on basic strokes and simple Chinese characters, as well as the systematic teaching of Hanyu Pinyin, daily conversation and the introduction of traditional Chinese culture. The objective is to write correct strokes and simple Chinese characters, to grasp Pinyin and its spelling rules, which lays a good foundation for independent reading and writing. The textbooks used are 《中文 (Chinese)》and 《中文练习册 (Chinese Workshop)》published by the School of Chinese Language and Culture, Jinan University, China.

Students are expected to understand and be able to use Pinyin of about 150 commonly used Chinese characters and related grammars when they complete their study in Orange Class.