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Nut and Egg Allergy Awareness Policy (1)

Nut and Egg Allergy Awareness Policy (1)



• To provide a safe learning environment for all members of the Tasmania Chinese School.
• To raise the awareness of all members of the community regarding severe allergies.




• Parents and friends being requested NOT to send food to school that contains nuts (especially peanuts) and egg. This includes peanut paste, Nutella, all nuts and cooking oil containing peanut oil, as well as foods containing nuts and egg. This is especially important in kindergarten classes, where young children are less able to manage their allergy.

• Teachers supervising eating at break time.

• Students being encouraged NOT to share food and to wash hands after eating.




• Parents and caregivers being informed via the email and School website.
• New families to the school community being informed via the Enrolment Information Package.
• Students being informed via teachers and signs.

(1) The Tasmania Chinese School acknowledges that due to food processing practices it is impractical to eliminate nuts, nut products and egg products entirely from an environment where there is food.
Thus Nut “Aware” School.

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