Indigo Class

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葶葶 Tingting

大家好!我是靛蓝班的葶葶老师。我毕业于山西师范大学英语教育专业,有多年的国内外中英文教学经验。曾任职于墨尔本两所当地小学的afternoon class的中文老师,以及墨尔本新金山学校中文老师。因此,我对于生活在澳洲的local小朋友的中文教学有相当丰富的经验。上课中,我会使用各种游戏教学,让学生在快乐中学到更多的中文。此外,我还喜欢采用各种多媒体教学方法让同学们通过大屏幕了解汉语文化。除此之外,我还会和学生们一起动手做中国食物,写毛笔字,激发他们对中国文化的热情。兴趣是愿意学习的标志,寓教于乐是打开中文学习的大门。

Hello everyone! I am the teacher of the Indigo Class Tingting. I graduated from the Shanxi Normal University with a major in English education and have many years experience at teaching both Chinese and English. I have also worked as a Chinese teacher for the afternoon class at two local elementary schools in Melbourne as well as at the New Jinshan School in Melbourne. Therefore, I have considerable experience in teaching Chinese to Australian children. In the classroom, I will use a variety of games to let students happily learn Chinese in a happy environment and I also like to use multimedia teaching methods to let students know about Chinese culture. On top of these, I also teach the students to make Chinese food and write traditional brush characters to inspire their passion for Chinese culture. I always believe that interest is a sign of the willingness to learn, and entertaining is the door to open Chinese learning.