Green Class

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韩文 Wen

大家好!我叫韩文,在塔州中文学校从志愿者到任教老师,工作时间为一年。2020年开始负责中文学校绿色班的教学工作。 绿色班学生年龄在6岁-10岁之间,家庭语言背景是普通话或者英语。大多数学生来自于移民家庭,具备一定的中文听说能力,上课用全中文授课。绿色班的教学内容主要是以日常口语和阅读能力为主,并强调汉字书写能力的提高,以中国传统文化为辅助。整个学习过程注重实用性和学生良好的学习习惯的培养。作为个人,跟学生共同成长是我的荣幸,很开心能在霍巴特加入塔州中文学校。

Hello, everyone! My name is Wen Han, I have been in Tasmania Chinese school for about one year. Initially, I was here as a volunteer, and now I am a Chinese teacher. From 2020, I’m in charge of the green class. The ages of students in Green class are six-year to ten-year, and most of my students’ first languages are mandarin and English. They come from the immigration family and have basic listening and speaking abilities in Chinese language.  Chinese is the teaching language during class. The major content of the learning process includes oral and reading practice and emphasizes on Chinese writing. Chinese traditional culture is also be introduced to students. During the teaching process, I emphasize on the practical communication and development of good learning habit. It’s my honour to teach as well as learn with my students, and both of us are becoming better. I’m really glad that I can be part of Tasmania Chinese School in Hobart.