Chinese Paradise – 汉语乐园

You can also download the audio records by clicking links below:

Lesson 1 你好. Hello
Lesson 2 我叫明明. My name is Mingming.
Lesson 3 一,二,三。 One, Two, Three.
Lesson 4 我十一岁。 I am 12 years old.
Lesson 5 我的眼睛。 My eyes.
Lesson 6 我个子高。 He is tall.
Lesson 7 他是谁? Who is he?
Lesson 8 我的房间。 My room.
Lesson 9 请进。 Please come in.
Lesson 10 我有书包。 I have a school bag.
Lesson 11 你们喝什么。 What drink would you like to have?
Lesson 12 饺子很好吃。 Dumplings are delicious.

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