Chinese Paradise – 汉语乐园

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Lesson 1 你好. Hello
Lesson 2 我叫明明. My name is Mingming.
Lesson 3 一,二,三。 One, Two, Three.
Lesson 4 我十一岁。 I am 12 years old.
Lesson 5 我的眼睛。 My eyes.
Lesson 6 我个子高。 He is tall.
Lesson 7 他是谁? Who is he?
Lesson 8 我的房间。 My room.
Lesson 9 请进。 Please come in.
Lesson 10 我有书包。 I have a school bag.
Lesson 11 你们喝什么。 What drink would you like to have?
Lesson 12 饺子很好吃。 Dumplings are delicious.

Class 4 21/05/11 class plan

21 May 2011

Check the homework  -diary about your day using the time word we learned last week.

Found the best one or two home works to read in the class

Give them Chinese book mark as reward

Use the projector to review all the 3 lessons in about 1 hour by playing CD which goes with the lesson

Do the dialogue again and do the games on the CD to practice the use of new Chinese they learned.

Break for 15 minutes

Go back to the normal class

Play the game by dividing them into several group, each group has two or three students, try to divide them evenly.

Test their understanding of the new word they learned during this semester

3 type of tests:

1. Describing the meaning by not saying this word, try to use Chinese only.

2. Act out the meaning of the word by not saying anything.

3. Draw the word without any sign language or word or letters or numbers.

Type 1 words:

多少; 教学楼;公共汽车;乘客;第一名;朋友;期末;以前;进步;复习;预习;生词;幸福;

Type 2 words:


Type 3 words:


Design the dialogue that will be used in your oral language test next week.

Standard: new words used in the dialogue, correct use of the words in the context; correct writing in your paper. The teacher will be the other participant in your dialogue.

Prepare for the test next week.

Q and A


Tasmania Chinese School Class 4 Unit Outline (2011 Term 1)

Tasmania Chinese School Class 4 Unit Outline (2011 Term 1)


By Teacher: Grace Ge 老师:葛晓菁

Week周次 Date 




1 26thFebruary 1. 大家自我介绍 

2. 美丽的汉语-汉语的与众不同以及学习它的好处

3. 诗歌 – 草 (白居易)

2 5th,March 1.“你从哪儿来” 

2. 学习句子“你从哪儿来?” “从开始” “第几

3. 分组对话练习

4. 练习册第一部分

3 19th,March 1. 学习第二课的生字 

2. 介绍部首:绞丝旁和金字旁

3. 练习册第二部分

4 26th, March 1. “学校有多少学生” 

2. 学习句子“有多少…?”“多少钱?”

3. 活动分组做买卖

5 2nd ,April 1. 学习课文 

2. 学习生字和部首

3. 用concept map 画出课文主干,用自己的话复述

4. 练习儿歌“鞋匠”

6 9th, April 1. 引入复活节和清明节,将清明节的来历 

2. 练习册第一第二部分

3. 分组做句子拼图游戏

7 7th, May 1. “跟老师学中文” 

2. 学习句子“…以前,…”;“以后”的表达

3. 学习歌曲“外面的世界”和成语“对牛弹琴”

8 14th, May 1. 学习课文 

2. 生词,部首

3. 编故事比赛

9 21st, May 1. 对话比赛 

2. 听力测验

3. 复习

10 28th, May 考试 




Activities Plan in 2011

Year 2011 Teaching Activities Plan

Dear Parents and Friends,

First of all, on behalf of the staff of Tasmanian Chinese School, I would like to sincerely thank all the parents and Friends who have been providing generous support and help to our school throughout the years, and I wish you all a healthy, safe, happy and prosperous new year.

To enhance the children’s understanding and interest in Chinese culture, this year we have decided to organize jointly with parents some activities as listed below. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.


1. Picnic

To provide an opportunity for exchanges between parents and teachers, and for us to listen to your views and opinions to improve the quality of our teaching.

Time12:00 – 16:00Pm, 20/3/2011( Sunday

PlaceLong Beach Sandy Bay

2. A demonstration of using the School website

Our School has built a website for parents to learn what the children do at the Chinese school, to know  their homework so as to ensure their timely completion, and to promote your interaction with teachers. To help you understand how to use the website, we have asked Helen Han, one of our teachers, to give a demo, which will just take 30 minutes of your time – with your intelligence,  you may need even less time.

Time1:10 – 1:40Pm, 7/5/2011( Saturday

Place: Chinese School

3. Authentic Chinese dumplings making

We name this popular traditional Chinese cultural lesson ‘Dumpling making with big and little hands’. Our teachers will lead the class to complete each step of dumpling making. Participants will be divided into groups according to class, with each family as a team. Let’s see who will be the winners!

Time1:00 -3:00Pm, 16/7/2011(星期六Saturday

Place Chinese School

4. Chinese School Fair

The bargaining activity last year received wide acclaim. Upon the friendly suggestion from parents, based on the last year’s experience, we  will upgrade this activity to a school fair. Students will be required to bargain using Chinese and real money, just as what happens in real life. We will need every support and assistance from the parents and teachers to make it a success.

Time1:00 – 3:00Pm, 13/8/2011( Saturday

Place:Chinese School

5. Christmas Pageant

Thanks to the active involvement of our students and parents, our School has participated three Christmas Pageants organized by Hobart City Council, and this has made our school known to the public, who gets some understanding of Chinese culture while appreciating our traditional dress at the Pageant. We encourage all students to treat this Christmas Pageant as one of the cultural lessons and we plead to parents to support this activity.

Time9:00 -11:00Am, 19/11/2011 (Saturday)

Place: To be determined later

Note: If there is any change in time, we will give timely notice to all parents.

6. Year-End Annual Party

This is a year-end performance presented by our students, your children to you. I beleive you will not want to miss it and don’t let your child/children miss their awards, bonus and Christmas gifts.

Time:1:00 – 3:00

Place:Chinese School

Kim Phong – Principal






1. 野餐


时间:12:00 – 16:00, 20/3/2011(星期日

地点:Long Beach Sandy Bay

2. 网络演示


时间 1:10 – 1:40, 7/5/2011(星期六

地点 中文学校

3. 正宗的中国饺子制作


时间 1:00 -3:00, 16/7/2011(星期六)

地点 中文学校

4. 中文学校的跳蚤小市场


时间 1:00 – 3:00, 13/82011(星期六

地点 :中文学校

5. 圣诞节游行

中文学校已先后参加了由Hobart 市政厅举办的圣诞游行,三年来我们的家长朋友们带领孩子们通过此项活动让社会认识了我们的中文学校,同时也令社区的朋友们通过中国的传统服装对中国的传统文化有了一定的了解。我们鼓励所有学校的学生能将圣诞游行活动作为我们的文化课来参加,也恳请家长朋友们支持这项活动。

时间 9:00 -11:00, 19/11/2011(星期六 )

地点 :届时通知 (注:具体时间若有任何变动,一定及时通知大家)

6. 年终结业典礼


时间 Time:1:00 – 3:00

地点 Place:中文学校