Teaching schedule and fees 2013

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  • 语言班分别为:
    • 幼儿班:3岁以上,着重听与讲;
    • 一班和二班:分别为中英文背景,着重听、讲、认字及笔画学习;
    • 三班至五班:18岁以下,着重听、讲、读、写的训练;
    • 六班:着重听、说、读、写训练,逐步提高加强阅读及写作能力
  • 成人班:
    • 初级班:着重语音、简单对话与认字的训练;
    • 中级班:以课本为主,着重听、讲的实践;
    • 高级班:以现学教材为主,力求学生掌握听、说、读、写能力。



  • 孩子语言班:65元/学期;
  • 成人初级:100元/学期;
  • 中班与高班:120元/学期


  • 儿童绘画班:教授国画、书法及水彩画;



  • 80元/学期(参加语言班的学生)
  • 96元/学期(只参加绘画班的学生);
  • 太极班:太极 气功十八式;二十四式太极拳。






第三学期 27/7/13 3/8/13 10/8/13 17/8/13 24/8/13中文秀 31/8/13 7/9/13 14/9/13


Chinese school year 2013, 3rd semester courses:


  • Children language classes:
    • Preschool: 3 years old and above, focus on listening and speaking;
    • Grades 1 and 2: split into English  and non-English backgrounds: focus on listening, speaking, literacy and stroke learning;
    • Grades 3, 4 and 5: under 18 years of age; focus on listening, speaking, reading and learning to write;
    • Grades six: emphasis on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills with gradually increase in skills in reading and writing.
  • Adult language classes:
    • Beginners: focus on enunciation, simple dialogue and recognition of basic characters;
    •  Intermediate: textbook-based with focus on listening and speaking practice;
    • Advanced: use of latest teaching materials enabling students to master listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Sessions: Saturdays from 1to 3 pm with fees per semester as follows:

    • Children Language Class: $65;
    • Adult Elementary: $100;
    • Intermediate and Advanced Classes: $120.
    • Children’s Painting Class: focus on traditional painting, calligraphy and watercolour:

Sessions: Saturdays 11am to 12noon with fees per semester as follows:

    • $80 for students take language classes as well;
    • $96 for students only attending painting classes.
    • Tai Chi: Tai Chi Qigong eighteen styles; 24-style Tai Chi Fist:

Session: Saturday 11:30am to 12:30pm with fees per semester as follows;

  • Tai Chi Class: $64

Please note the next semester curriculum arrangements:

3rd semester 27/7/13 3/8/13 10/8/13 17/8/13 24/8/13
Chinese Language Show
31/8/13 7/9/13 14/9/13

Taichi from Tasmania Chinese School


Dear friends!
The Tai Chi Dance Team was founded by teachers, parents, friends and students of the Chinese School (with different ages) on November 4, 2012. The team participated in the first large scale performance in the “Chinese New Year Festival”, organised by the Chinese Community Association of Tasmania formed in 1964. This was attended by about three thousand people. Following this debut, team members sacrificed their break during lunch time and gave consolatory performances to the elderly at the invitation of seven nursing homes. The Team proved very popular and was well received by the home seniors and staff.
As the Tai Chi Dance Team has been founded only a short time ago, we are eager to receive your good suggestions. We will continue to provide service to the community with enthusiasm to ingrain Chinese culture into people’s heart and grow in harmony with the local culture. We also welcome all friends to join us in this body building program and increase the quality of our life. If any community groups need us, you are always welcomed to contact us. Finally, following the suggestion of many parents and friends, the Chinese School will establish a dance class for children and would welcome parents and friends enrolment of your children. The final decision will be made depending on the number of students enrolled.
Contact names:Youyou/铀铀:0418162828;Kim/丽娟:0417581884;Helen/海娟:0413483718;Shirly/朝霞:0434287649
Friends, today is Mother’s Day. We have just finalised this dance named “Mother “ to show our appreciation of the greatest and never fading motherly love: The dance is a slow waltz with graceful and flowing sleeves, to impart the message of love to our beloved mothers. May all mothers around the world enjoy a long, healthy, and peaceful time. Departed mothers all have a wonderful time in heaven.
To all our friends, please show your greatest support by clicking the web link of our site! Thank you!