Blue Class

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张紫薇 Zoe


Hello everyone. My name is Ziwei (Zoe) Zhang and I graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor degree in Media in Communications and a Master’s degree in Teaching in Early Years Education. As a Chinese teacher, I have worked at the Society for Asian Language and Arts Incorporated and aim to assist local students with knowledge of Chinese learning. Currently, I’m the classroom teacher for the Blue class in the Tasmania Chinese School. The students in Blue class are aged seven to ten years old and most of them come from a local background. The main textbook is the series of <You Er Han Yu (Chinese for Younger Students)>, which helps to improve student’s listening and speaking abilities, and also encourages them to practice daily-based conversations and expressions of ideas. A variety of different teaching methods are used in my teaching process, including games from visual and auditory, multimedia aids, and also some related stories of Chinese Culture, which aims to increase students’ interest in the learning of Chinese positively.