中文秀- The Chinese Show


塔省中文学校于2013年8月24日下午1:00pm至3:00pm顺利举办了时隔《文化日》活动之后的又一次《中文秀》活动。有别于《文化日》,此次《中文秀》活动以结合即将到来的中秋佳节为背景,为同学们又一次搭建了能充分展示同学们中文听说能力的平台。家长朋友们、当地朋友们以及我们的全体师生共同期待、欢迎及热烈的响应,使Ogilvie High School的礼堂又一次因传播及弘扬中国文化的魅力座无虚席。

On 24th August 2013, Tasmania Chinese School has once again successfully held another great event, the “Chinese Show”. Different from the “Chinese Cultural Day”, this event used the traditional Chinese Moon-Cake Festival as the cultural background to showcase the students’ Mandarin speaking and listening skills. The Ogilvie High School Hall was once again packed with supportive parents, friends, fellow students and teachers.


活动开始前,节目主持人韩海娟和江瑾如老师首先请出了塔省中文教师协会长白欣女士为《中文秀》活动致辞,在致辞中白欣会长热情赞扬了全体师生为中华文化的传播所作出的积极努力,并向所有的家长朋友们表示了对中文学校多年来支持的感谢;对校长冯丽娟女士自办校以来所带的教师团队对学校发展所付出的辛勤与努力表达了衷心的敬意。紧接着,家长代表Jan Williamson作为特邀嘉宾被请上台为《中文秀》活动致辞。Jan对中文学校校长冯丽娟女士及中文学校全体教师多年来的努力创业,坚持传播中国文化,使孩子们逐渐提高了对中国文化学习的兴趣与喜爱表示了极大的赞扬;同时与所有在场的来宾共同分享了她们全家在中文学校学习中文七年的感受。全场以最热烈的掌声表达了对我们敬爱的家长朋友的感谢与支持!

To grace the commencement of this meaningful event, the MCs, Ms Haijuan Han and Ms Jinru Jiang invited the President of Chinese Language Teachers’ Association (CLTA) Ms Xin Bai to give the opening speech. In her welcoming speech, Ms Bai passionately expressed her compliment and appreciation to all the teachers, students, parents and those involved in the event for all their efforts and support. She especially thanked the School Principal Ms Kim Phong for her years of dedication, hard work and commitment to the school, as well as the teachers and students. Ms Jan Williamson was the next guest speaker representing the parents to give a speech. Ms Jan expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the principal Ms Kim Phong and all the teachers for their hard work in establishing the Chinese School, acknowledging that it gives students the opportunity to learn the Chinese language as well as the Chinese culture. At the same time she shared with the audience her whole family’s experience with the Chinese School in the past seven years. Big applause from the audience expressed their appreciation and support.


The first performance on the stage was “Heavenly Tibet”, which was performed by the School’s Dancing Group. Colorful Tibetan costumes and beautiful movements, followed by a great applause, brought a wonderful opening to the Show.


“拔萝卜,拔呀拔呀,拔不动,大家快来帮我们拔萝卜” 这是幼儿班一群活泼可爱的小朋友们在夏琴老师的带领下,扭动着他们拔萝卜的肢体向大家讲述了只要大家团结一心就能把拔不动的萝卜拔出来。全场的欢乐笑声及阵阵掌声给了最可爱的小朋友们。随后起舞的一曲“健康好宝宝”再一次用他们的活泼可爱引发了观众朋友的阵阵欢笑与掌声。

“Pull out the radish, pull out the radish, come and help me pull out the radish”, sang the kinder class, while dancing to the music, stimulated a burst of laugh and handclapping from the audience. Guided by the teacher Qin Xia, the second dance of theirs, “My Healthy Baby” was a good expression of the children’s cuteness and loveliness, which also earned a great applause from parents and teachers.


Three small but beautiful butterflies from Class 1 flew elegantly to the stage to the accompanying “Butterfly Song” from the boys in Class 1 under the direction of the teacher Lulu. They then started to dance together to the song “Looking for Friends”. Having found each other, they saluted, shook hands and hugged each other before saying goodbye. Their fluency of singing was highly appreciated by the audience.


Next to the stage was the Calligraphy and Painting Class, lead by the teacher Yue Du. The student showcased their calligraphy skills on the stage, and read out in Chinese their work. The seven characters meant “To The Chinese Show”, which attracted a lot of camera flashes from the audience.


Although Class 2 was a newly opened class in the 3rd semester , they were not nervous at all. Under the guidance of their teacher Zhaoxia they performed the nursery rhyme “A Pair of Little Hands”, which aroused loud clapping from many “Pairs of Big Hands”.


Class 3 is the largest class under teacher Li. They gave a brilliant rendition of the well-known traditional poem “Thoughts on A Quiet Night” with their self-made musical instruments. Their fluency in Mandarin stimulated a lasting applause from the parents. Their presentation of the poem brought out the longing for the homeland in every Chinese.


Ziyi, a student from Class 6, was warmly clapped onto the stage. After sharing her six year experience at the Chinese School with the audience, she played “The Spring” with her violin. Her excellent skill earned her a burst of handclapping.


Another important feature of this “Chinese Show” was that all parents were encouraged to co-perform with their children on the stage. A beautiful family song, “I Love My Family”, was done by QiQi and her mother Hesong, her father Zhihui, and her little brother. It was a loving and caring family which presented the audience with “Love is patience, love is no jealousy, love is no fighting……”. Mom and Dad sang while QIQI was doing the sign language dance, and to conclude the song her little brother sang out loud “Love lasts in my family”. This beautiful expression of their family love touched everyone in the presence, raising a loud but warm and lasting applause.


接下来亮相的是四班的同学们,他们勇于接受挑战,用一段绕口令表演了“中国话”。太不容易了,此时的《中文秀》场洋溢起了中国话平平仄仄的魅力,全场为他们送上了鼓励的掌声。之后Max Parr和Annwen又为大家表演了小提琴合奏中国传统名曲“送别”,悠扬熟悉的怀旧旋律引来观众席中若隐若现的轻声哼唱.
Next to the stage was Class 4, lead by HaiJuan. They successfully performed the very challenging and advanced level tongue twister “The Chinese Language”. The minute they conquered the task, the whole hall was filled with great handclapping. Max Parr and Annwen both from Class 4 played a famous piece from ancient China “Farewell”, which attracted some of School teachers’ singing along, and brought back the precious memories of their home country.



Students in Class 5 have relatively higher skills in Mandarin and introduced the “legend of the Mooncake Festival”, and performed a dialogue well designed by the teacher Cuihua. They earned themselves a high appreciation from the audience present.


MC Haijuan introduced to the audience a series of traditional gifts donated by Mr. Linfei Zhou who couldn’t come to the event due to prior commitments. However he expressed his support and good wishes to “Chinese Show”. Through his generous donation the School was able to distribute and allocate more prizes to the students than would have been possible.

最后登场的是韩旭老师带领的六班。作为一个高年级班,同学们不负众望,中英文并进,配以幽默形象的短剧“后羿射日”的生动表演讲述了“中秋”的故事,紧接着合唱一首清晰、易懂的“中秋歌”使观众朋友们在品味着传统文化的深远和优美时又忍俊不止; 真可谓寓教于乐,精彩纷呈。
Now it was the turn of the students from Class 6 lead by their teacher Hanxu. They vividly performed a play, acting out the legend of “Mid-Autumn Festival”, which was very straightforward but very humorous for the audience. There were many bursts of laughter from the audience.



Lead by the teacher Youyou, the adult class, mostly formed by parents, sang a well-known poem “When Will the Bright Moon Appear”. As Moon Cake Festival drew closer, “No matter how far away, under the same moon, we wish you the everlasting love and happiness.” sang the parents, expressing their best wishes to distant families.


Finally, the 2-hour “Chinese Show” was brought to a successful closure by a passionate dance of “The Welcome of the Red Mountain Lilies” by the School Dancing Group in traditional costumes, enlivening the atmosphere in the hall once again. After the performance, all classes were invited to the stage, where the principal Ms. Kim Phong awarded students certificates and gifts as her appreciation for their excellent performance.




As a finale, all the parents and teachers came together, when another loving “family photo” of Tasmania Chinese School was taken as a symbol of our care and love for each other at the School.

Script/Translation: LuLu Photos: Agar, Qin Xia, ZiQing

享受节日气氛— 记端午节火锅聚会 An Enjoyable Fesitival

2013年6月15日,即中文学校文化日结束当晚,由中文学校组织的一个端午节火锅聚会于5:30pm 在华源餐厅又一次拉开序幕。当晚有五十位朋友光临,接受了老板Lucy慷慨为大家赠送的红豆沙粽子及清凉爽口的凉拌土豆丝。随着火锅的热气腾腾感受了朋友们聚在一起的温暖。
此次的火锅聚会上大家又认识了新到来的朋友:向阳大姐,她是Victor Wang医生和费容的妈妈,非常活跃的性格使她在短时间内融入了团队的活动,现在也是咱太极歌舞团队的一位主力队员。另外一家新朋友是:宋鲲(曾经是我们中文学校的老师)在回国两年后的今天带着老公安波和女儿田田(新朋友)又回到了这块土地。新老朋友的交替让我们在难舍中欢送了我们非常喜爱的家长朋友:静怡一家回台湾。在世界屋脊下有这样一个平台大家能相识、相聚实在是一种缘分,相信大家都会非常珍惜的。



An Enjoyable Festival
Hot Pot Party at Dragon Boat Festival
On the 15th, June 2013, the day when the Tasmania Chinese School held the Chinese Cultural Day, the school organized a hot pot party at Huayuan restaurant for celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival. Fifty friends attended this party and the owner of the restaurant, Lucy had generously prepared red bean rice dumplings and refreshing potato salad for everyone to enjoy without any charge. The atmosphere was very heart warming when friends gathered together and around the steaming pots. Many new friends joined the party that night. Big sister Xiangyang, Dr Victor Wang and Feirong’s mother has lovely characteristics and has been a main player in the Taichi and Dance group. Other new friends included Anbo and Tiantian, the husband and daughter of Song Kun, who was a former teacher of our school and returned to Hobart recently after two years. With these new friends and old friends all together, we regretted to bid farewell our lovely friends and parents of the kids at our school, the whole family of Jingyi to return to Taiwan. Everyone treasured the moment of the party that we could know each other and gather together.

Even with several round of delicious dishes and continuously conversions and jokes, it seemed not enough for such great atmosphere. Therefore, Jason and Si Lei were invited to perform and sing songs with the applauses from everyone. Si Lei was rated as a professional singer and Jason has the name of “Liu Dehua” and he really looks like the famous star. With the applauses and smiles, other friends were also invited to the front. Jihong sang the song both in Mandarin and Tibetan; Peng Jian sang in Cantonese, Xiangyang’s and Tiantian’s ; He Song and Zhihui, the couple sang a romantic song , Zhang Cheng and Du Yue also sang a song together; Zheng Wen sang ; Xia Qin’s and Gar’s for his beloved wife Lijuan won many clippings. Youyou’s concluded the party with the beautiful lyrics “a friend is hard to find even in a thousand of miles, but with more friends, there are fewer difficulties. Please come and meet new friends, but do not forget our old friends, let’s be good friends forever! ”

Many friends showed their talents at the party, while some friends were regret to say that they would also like to perform if they had prepared. An idea to hold a karaoke party was raised for next time. Dear friends: let us start to prepare for our reunion now!

Reporter: Youyou Picture: Gar






中国文化日 The Chinese Cultural Day

Tasmania Chinese School Cultural Day
Promoting Chinese Culture through performances

At 1pm on Saturday 15th June 2013, for two hours, The Tasmania Chinese School held their Cultural Day Show in the hall of The Ogilvie High School, and this was the biggest cultural event since its foundation. It aimed to present the students’ learning outcomes to their parents as well as introduce and promote the diverse Chinese culture to the public. In spite of the cold and wet weather on the day, all 162 seats in the hall were fully occupied, a record number of attendees in School history.


Figure1 the audience

To commence the 2 hour event, the MC’s, Haijuan Han and Wen Zheng invited the School Principal Kim Phong to say a few words of welcome. Ms Phong spoke about the history of the School and expressed her appreciation for the parents and teachers’ support for the event. Next on the stage was the special guest Daniel Chan, the president of the Chinese Community Association of Tasmania, who congratulated the successful opening of The Cultural Day, and was welcomed by all the teachers and parents.

3 4
Figure 2: the MC’s, Wen Zheng and Haijuan Han Figure 3: the special guest Daniel Chan

The first performances were two passionate traditional dances, “The Mongolian” and “Welcome to Our Grassland”, which were performed by the Tai Chi and Dancing Group of The School, and won a warm applause from the audience.

Figure 4 – The Mongolian Dance

As the first student performers, children from the kinder class were not nervous at all, though the youngest was only 3 years old while the oldest was five. They danced to the Chinese songs “Two Tigers” and “My Body” with guidance from their teacher Qin Xia, and earned a great applause from the parents.


Figure 5 – Two Tigers and “My Body”

Next to the stage was the largest, Class 1, but the 14 kids followed their Teacher Lulu and successfully presented a fluent singing of “The Chinese Alphabets Song” and an interesting dance of “The Body Song”, raising a happy burst of handclapping from the audience.


Figure 6 – “The Chinese Alphabets Song” and The Body Song”

Class 2, lead by the painting Teacher Yue Du (their Teacher Xiao Xin was on sick leave), was wearing Martial Arts costumes and performed “Morning Exercise” then recited the nursery rhyme “Little Rabbit”, the fluency of which were highly appreciated by their parents.

Figure 7 – The Little Rabbit and “Morning Exercise”

Under the command of their Teacher Haijuan, Class 3 & 4 presented a chorus of “Ocean, My Sweet Home” and “Singing and Smiling”, which were regarded highly by the audience, given that all the students had no Chinese background. The day happened to be a student, Ashley Morris’s birthday, so after their performance, teacher Haijuan organized the whole room to sing a Happy Birthday Song in Chinese to him. Ashley was very happy for this pleasant surprise.


Figure 8: – “Singing and Smiling “and “Ocean, My Sweet Home”

With the well-selected traditional music as a background, Teacher Cuihua’s Class 5 recited the famous poem of “You Zi Yin”, praising mother’s great love. When the students together said “Dear mother and father, Thank you very much” in Chinese, this long-inherited tradition of filial piety, respect for elders, touched everyone in the hall.

Figure 9 “You Zi Yin”

What followed was a solo show of the song “In My Singing” by Ziyi from Class 6; the second performance of the classic poems “San Zi Jing” and “You Zi Yin” by the whole Class also attracted a high praise from the audience and their Teacher Xu Han.


Figure 10- In My Singing Figure11 “San Zi Jing”

Lead by Teacher Yue Du again, the students from the painting class presented their artworks on stage. Xiaoyu Wang introduced a well-known poem of “Plum Blossom” to the parents. Xinwen Li shared the inspirations of his dragon drawing stating that the name of “the Successors of Dragon” can always bring out the sense of pride from a Chinese person. Wherever there are Chinese people there also would be a protecting Chinese dragon. Furthermore, the traditional landscape painting is characteristic of Chinese cultures, and this was successfully communicated to the Australian audience through the presentation.


Figure 12 – Plum Blossom Figure 13 dragon drawing

Last but not least, the adult class performed a chorus of two ethnic songs “Jasmine Flower” and “A Crescent Climbing Up”, earning a great applause and a capping a perfect ending for the Students show.


Figure 14 – The Adult Class “Jasmine Flower” and “A Crescent Climbing Up”,

The Taichi group then brought their elegant show of “18 Steps of Taichi Qigong” followed by The Dancing Group who expressed the long-inherited tradition of caring for the elderly and the gratitude and love of all Chinese for their mothers through the dance “Dear Mother”.


Figure 15:” Tai Chi 18 Forms” Figure 16 “Dear Mother”.

Finally, the 2-hour show was brought to an end by a choir of all the teachers’ singing the school anthem “The Best Future” the lyrics of which expressed the School’s believes that love can build the best future, and as long as we love each other regardless of who we are, every dream deserves respect and happiness. They will always be found through love, and indeed as our children are the future, so we must show them the best love.


Figure 17- The Teachers Sing the Anthem “The Best Future”

The end of the cultural show brought a happy smile on every parent’s face. Many of them expressed congratulation of the success of this cultural event and expressed their gratitude for the School’s effort in teaching their children. These compliments were greatly appreciated by all the School teachers and encouraged them to devote more dedication and passion to their future teachings.

Figure 18-All together

Report: Xu Han and Cuihua Pictures: Gar and Ziqing

2013年6月15日的下午1:00-3:00点,塔省中文学校在Ogilvie High School的礼堂举办了自1997年建校以来的首届具规模的文化日活动。这次活动的主要意义在于传播、弘扬中国文化,用歌声与微笑唱响最好的未来。尽管当日细雨绵绵,冬日的寒意并未能阻挡人们参加活动的热情。礼堂共有162个座位,座无虚席,创下了历史新高。



演出开始前由节目主持人韩海娟和郑文老师有请中文学校校长冯丽娟女士为文化日致词。冯校长 在 致词中简介了学校十几年的发展历程及对所有家长朋友对中文学校始终坚持中国文化传播的支持表示非常的感谢;特邀嘉宾塔省华侨联谊会会长陈源利先生也为文化日致词。在坐的所有师生和家长朋友们以热烈的掌声给于了校长和会长致词的积极肯定!

3 4

图二: 节目主持人郑文和韩海娟老师 图三: 陈源利会长为文化日致词













三班、四班是一个没有中文背景的班级,在海娟老师的指挥下用非常清楚的中文为大家合唱了《大海啊故乡》和《歌声与微笑》赢得了一片赞扬声。当日正值该班学生ASHLEY MORRIS的生日,海娟老师鼓励全场来宾用歌声《祝你生日快乐》为ASHLEY送上了一份最衷心的祝福!


图八: 合唱《歌声与微笑》和《大海啊故乡》






图十: 子怡同学《我的歌声里》 图十一: 吟诵 儿童启蒙诗《三字经》



图十二: 王晓宇同学《红梅》 图十三: 李信文同学《巨龙》


图十四: 成人班演唱《茉莉花》和《半个月亮爬上来》,



图十五:《太极气功十八式》 图十六: 舞蹈《妈妈》


图十七: 全体教师亲情演唱《最好的未来》



图十八: 活动结束 师生家长合影