The Tasmania Chinese School “Culture Day” 2014

2014 年6 月14 日下午1 点至3 点,塔斯马尼亚中文学校于Ogilvie High School 礼堂又一次成功举办了学生学习成果汇报演出的文化日活动。本次活动秉承了塔省中文学校传播中国语言,弘扬民族文化的一贯办学理念;在活动中体现寓教于乐,才艺兼修的教学特色。举办活动意在向家长朋友们汇报展示孩子们在中文学校的学习成果。180 余人参加活动使得整个礼堂座无虚席。除了参加表演的中文学校师生,文化日活动还吸引了不少学生家长,华侨联谊会的朋友,华人商会同胞,以及热爱中国文化的众多澳洲友人。

The Tasmania Chinese School (TCS) hosted another successful Culture Day activities performed by its students at the Ogilvie High School Auditorium on June 14, 2014 between 1pm to 3pm. The Tasmanian Chinese Schools adhered to its principle of spreading the Chinese language and to promote the traditional Chinese culture through its education philosophy. The performances during the day reflected the entertainment and the School’s teaching characteristic. The Culture Day was to show case the Students’ learning outcomes as reported to parents and friends. More than 180 people packed the auditorium. Besides the teachers and students, the Culture Day also attracted many parents, as well as VIP’s from the Chinese Community Association of Tasmania, the Chinese Business Association, as well as the many Australia friends who loved Chinese culture.

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Teaching schedule and fees 2013

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  • 语言班分别为:
    • 幼儿班:3岁以上,着重听与讲;
    • 一班和二班:分别为中英文背景,着重听、讲、认字及笔画学习;
    • 三班至五班:18岁以下,着重听、讲、读、写的训练;
    • 六班:着重听、说、读、写训练,逐步提高加强阅读及写作能力
  • 成人班:
    • 初级班:着重语音、简单对话与认字的训练;
    • 中级班:以课本为主,着重听、讲的实践;
    • 高级班:以现学教材为主,力求学生掌握听、说、读、写能力。



  • 孩子语言班:65元/学期;
  • 成人初级:100元/学期;
  • 中班与高班:120元/学期


  • 儿童绘画班:教授国画、书法及水彩画;



  • 80元/学期(参加语言班的学生)
  • 96元/学期(只参加绘画班的学生);
  • 太极班:太极 气功十八式;二十四式太极拳。






第三学期 27/7/13 3/8/13 10/8/13 17/8/13 24/8/13中文秀 31/8/13 7/9/13 14/9/13


Chinese school year 2013, 3rd semester courses:


  • Children language classes:
    • Preschool: 3 years old and above, focus on listening and speaking;
    • Grades 1 and 2: split into English  and non-English backgrounds: focus on listening, speaking, literacy and stroke learning;
    • Grades 3, 4 and 5: under 18 years of age; focus on listening, speaking, reading and learning to write;
    • Grades six: emphasis on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills with gradually increase in skills in reading and writing.
  • Adult language classes:
    • Beginners: focus on enunciation, simple dialogue and recognition of basic characters;
    •  Intermediate: textbook-based with focus on listening and speaking practice;
    • Advanced: use of latest teaching materials enabling students to master listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Sessions: Saturdays from 1to 3 pm with fees per semester as follows:

    • Children Language Class: $65;
    • Adult Elementary: $100;
    • Intermediate and Advanced Classes: $120.
    • Children’s Painting Class: focus on traditional painting, calligraphy and watercolour:

Sessions: Saturdays 11am to 12noon with fees per semester as follows:

    • $80 for students take language classes as well;
    • $96 for students only attending painting classes.
    • Tai Chi: Tai Chi Qigong eighteen styles; 24-style Tai Chi Fist:

Session: Saturday 11:30am to 12:30pm with fees per semester as follows;

  • Tai Chi Class: $64

Please note the next semester curriculum arrangements:

3rd semester 27/7/13 3/8/13 10/8/13 17/8/13 24/8/13
Chinese Language Show
31/8/13 7/9/13 14/9/13

Chinese Paradise – 汉语乐园

You can also download the audio records by clicking links below:

Lesson 1 你好. Hello
Lesson 2 我叫明明. My name is Mingming.
Lesson 3 一,二,三。 One, Two, Three.
Lesson 4 我十一岁。 I am 12 years old.
Lesson 5 我的眼睛。 My eyes.
Lesson 6 我个子高。 He is tall.
Lesson 7 他是谁? Who is he?
Lesson 8 我的房间。 My room.
Lesson 9 请进。 Please come in.
Lesson 10 我有书包。 I have a school bag.
Lesson 11 你们喝什么。 What drink would you like to have?
Lesson 12 饺子很好吃。 Dumplings are delicious.