Adult Beginner

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杨沐艺 Yang Muyi

大家好,我叫杨沐艺,是塔洲中文学校adult beginner班级的老师。在国内,我本科学习的是对外汉语专业,毕业后考取了中学语文教师资格证。随后,我又继续在澳洲的莫纳什大学攻读了对外英语硕士专业,现已完成学业。考虑到个人专业学习的知行合一,我在学习期间,在国内中专的新疆班进行了对外汉语教学、以及在墨尔本的教会进行了英语教学(面向adult beginner)的实践。



Hello everyone, I’m Yang muyi, the teacher of Adult Beginner Class.I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages in China.Also, I obtained the middle School Chinese teacher Qualification certificate after graduation.Then, I went on to study for a master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other languages (TESOL) at Monash University in Australia, and now I have completed my study.In view of the unity of professional knowledge and practice of my personal study, while studying at the university, I teach Chinese as a foreign language to ethnic minority students in Xinjiang classes of a secondary specialised school in China, as well as teach English to adult beginner in Crossway Baptist Church in Melbourne. 

The students in my class are adults with a basic Chinese foundation, the age gap is large, and their background and motivation to learn Chinese are different. Some students are of Chinese descent, learning Chinese is to communicate with their families and Chinese friends and to trace their roots. Others who do not have a Chinese background, learn Chinses simply for interest,they want to understand Chinese culture, and master Chinese-one of the greatest and most widely used languages in the world. For the purpose and needs of everyone’s learning, we insist on taking students as the center, setting different teaching contents and tutorials in a different and hierarchical manner, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, helping them to master basic and practical Chinese words and communication skills, so as to realize better Chinese communication in Chinese in real life, and gain a deeper understanding of Chinese cultural customs.

Language is the carrier, teaching is the medium, they work together to facilitate Chinese culture going global. hope that through our efforts, Chinese language and culture will have a great development and prosperity in the land of Tasmanian and continue to pass on!