Silver Class

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雷郁婷 Vivian Lei Yuting



I am the class teacher of the Chinese School Silver Class – Vivian Lei Yuting with six months kindergarten teaching experience in China, mainly engaged in the children’s behavioural norms and the five major areas of curriculum education. The Silver Class consists mostly of children from Chinese background between 5 to 7 years of age. The content of the class includes Chinese Pinyin, Chinese strokes and daily spoken dialogue. My teaching style is often based on teacher-student interaction and scenes, so the classroom atmosphere is very active, allowing the children to “learn from doing, and do from learning.” Pinyin letters and Chinese strokes are the basis for learning Chinese and only by mastering them can we get twice the result with half the effort in any future study of Chinese. This is also the learning goal of our Silver Class. The Chinese School provides a very convenient platform for friends who love Chinese culture. From early childhood Chinese to HSK Proficiency Test, we can provide the best quality courses. At the same time, the principal and the teachers united as one, and they love and cherish this great group, bringing a lot of warmth to everyone.