school fair 讨价还价小市场活动报道




2011年8月13日下午一点至三点,塔省中文学校在New Town Ogilivie女中成功举办了一次寓教于乐的汉语实践“跳蚤小市场”活动。总共约有八十多名学生和家长参加了这次活动。活动目的在于为学习中文的学生提供生活买卖的日常用语实践平台、促进亲子交流。中文学校在活动中设立了食品、书籍、玩具、等几个买卖摊位和专门的游戏场地。






Teach through lively activity

Tasmania Chinese School ‘Little Flee Market’ Report


‘Little Flee Market’ was successfully held by Tasmania Chinese School in order to teach Chinese through lively activity at New Town Ogilvie High School from one o’clock to three o’clock on 13th, August, 2011. More than eighty students and their parents took part in the activity. The activity is organized in order to give students an opportunity to practice the frequently used dialogue when they do shopping if they were in China; meanwhile it’s for letting students and their parents play games together and become more close to each other. In this activity, the school set up several stalls such as food stall, book stall and toy stall and a special game playground.


While the students were buying goods, both parents and teachers would encourage them and guide them to bargain in Chinese. The bargain process in Chinese will help students to know more about Chinese culture and meanwhile it was a good practice and preparation opportunity if they go to China for travelling, working or studying in the future. On the day, lots of students even brought the teaching material with bargain dialogue in Chinese on it in case they forgot the sentences. Photos of the activity is attached, you’ll see what a lively activity it is through the photos.


In order to let our students know more about life in China and Chinese culture, Tasmania Chinese School printed a sample of Chinese currency, Ren Min Bi, to let students use in the activity, so the unit of the transactions was Yuan and Jiao instead of Dollars and Cents.


Furthermore, the games were also attractive to students and their parents. In the game of three legs race, the leg of a parent was tied with the leg of his child, so through the activity, parents and their kids may become closer by racing together. Another game of ‘match vocabularies with pictures’ was also popular among students and their parents. Students had to pick up the right vocabularies card with Chinese characters and stuck them under the right picture in a limited time. The game is a good way to try to enhance kid’s memory of the Chinese vocabularies they’ve learned in class. Every student who anticipates in the game was rewarded with a prize from Tasmania Chinese School.


In the activity, many warm-hearted and kind parents donated beautiful and yum snacks and cupcakes for the school, and many students also donated their toys, books and stationary. All these donations made the stalls more lively and interesting, which was highly appreciated by the Tasmania Chinese School.