Orange Class

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朱朝艳 Caroline Zhu



My name is Zhu Chaoyan (Caroline ) and I am currently the teacher of the Orange Class at the Tasmania Chinese School. I graduated from Shanxi University with a major in Chinese Language and Literature, and my postgraduate degree is in Education at Shenyang Normal University. Currently, I am studying preschool education in Tasmania.

Students in the orange class are between 10-14 years old and their Chinese is at an intermediate level. Their listening and writing skills are quite good, so we basically undertake full Chinese teaching. At present, our class uses the third volume of “Chinese”, written by the Chinese Language Institute of Jinan University. We are committed to improving the students’ literacy, their verbal and reading comprehension, as well as sentence construction and writing.

In addition, we will have relevant extensions and training on the HSK exam. In order to better enhance and encourage students’ interest in learning, I will use multimedia network as an auxiliary teaching aid to provide students with some animation videos related to basic Chinese knowledge and culture, so students may learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture in a relaxed atmosphere. After class, I will ask students to complete the corresponding exercises to consolidate the content of the classroom. I hope that through my efforts, I can bring interesting learning experiences to students and help them improve their Chinese level effectively.