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幼儿班是中文学校最年幼的班级。小朋友们的年龄在3-5 岁之间。有的小朋友来自于中文背景的家庭,有的小朋友来自于英文背景的家庭。幼儿班的教学主旨是: 通过认识图片,学唱中文歌,学说儿歌,做游戏等,小朋友们从中学习到一些中文的字、词的意思,同时培养他们的文明礼貌习惯和独立自主的能力。具体的教学内容主要包括礼貌用语,简单的生活词汇。
作为幼儿班的老师,我会根据幼儿班孩子的年龄特点,通过听,说,图片,歌舞 和游戏等不同的方式来开发小朋友的想象及小朋友的语言表达能力,提高孩子们学习语言的兴趣。

Hello everyone, my name is Lingling Zhang (Phoebe). I come from Wuhan in Hubei Province. I am studying Master of Teaching in UTAS, my two specialisations are Chinese and music.
The students in kinder class (aged between 3 and 5) are the youngest in the whole Chinese School. Some of them are from Chinese language background whilst others mainly are from English speaking background. Regardless of family backgrounds of kinder classes, children can experience the fun in the process of Chinese learning. The teaching content in this year level includes greeting, polite language usage, and daily life conversation and so on. We are aiming at encouraging students to learn Chinese as a second language. Moreover, students can develop their politeness habits and the capacity of studying initiatively.
Since children in kinder class are still very young, I will apply appropriately teaching strategies, which based on students characteristics. We are trying to inspire children’learning interest by conducting listening and speaking practice, dancing, playing games, role-playing and so on. The main concept is to use vivid body movements and rich languages to develop the children’s imagination and language skills.

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