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My name is Yu Jia (Jesse).It is a great pleasure and challenge for me to be the teacher of this new HSK tutorial class.

All the students are come from the Chinese background families, between 12 – 15 years old, so the thorough teaching process can be tutored by Mandarin. The purpose of this class is to enhance comprehensive Chinese level including listening, speaking, reading and writing, especially reinforcingwriting skills and Chinese vocabulary level. Not only writing in a normative way, but how to usethem correctly with appropriate words. We follow the normal process of language studying: first, learning the single words; then expand these words to make different phrases; finally, making complete sentences with these phrases. Beyond that, group discussion is another crucial part of our class, because in my personal teaching experience, the best way to learn a new language is to practice it as much as possible, for instance, in this class, we will discuss numerous different issues in Chinese. I am fully convinced that students’ Chinese level will be improved a lot through all these studying strategies.

Our textbooks are and 5th.As auxiliary tools, Chinese movies, music and poets are used in this class for Chinese culture instilling every week, which may let them contact with original Chinese culture as well as raising their studying interests. In a nutshell, students in Class 6 will get very special and advanced study period based on the teacher’s years of teaching experience, not only for their Chinese study today, but for the brilliant future of each student.

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