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Teacher Victoria

大家好! 我叫钟伊琼,我的英文名字叫Victoria。

Hi Everyone,
My full name is Yiqiong Zhong, alternatively addressed as Victoria.
I taught ESL and IELTS back at home and obtained Master degree in education in Australia. I registered with TRB, Teachers’ Registration Board back in 2011 and started my Chinese teaching among high schools and colleges in Hobart ever since.
I am honoured to be given the opportunity to teach at this Weekend Tasmanian Chinese School, where I am able to share my knowledge with others and learn more from others.
Different from other younger classes, the class in my charge attaches more importance to reading and writing as the majority students have already had a good command of spoken Chinese and thus there is very little problem for me to deliver my class in Chinese. Focusing one writing and reading themselves might make Chinese teaching less fun as repetitive writing and challenging reading are highly required here. By saying that, I will try my best to make my class as interesting and informative as possible.
The text books we are using for this class are“Han Yu”series,supported by their supplementary work books. This series, set at inter-mediate level,aim to enable students to acquire and improve their reading and writing capabilities.

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