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Teacher Yanshan Zhang


Hello everyone. My name is Yanshan Zhang. I registered ICLTA (Certificate of International Chinese Language Teacher) in 2011. Currently, I am study master of business in tasmania University.

This is an interesting combined class with some students from Chinese background families while others from native English speaking families. Students in this class are aged from nine to sixteen years old. As the students in this class have learned Chinese several years, most of them have a good foundation in Chinese. We mainly use << Han Yu>> book 2 published by JiNan University in China, which is supplemented by traditional Chinese Stories, games and Chinese songs. Listening, Speaking and Reading is an important part of the class. After class I will assign some writing homework to enhance their writing skills.
In order to helped students with a better understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture, multimedia is widely used to facilitate class activities. I believe the course which could allow students to learn Chinese and Chinese culture in a relaxing atmosphere.

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