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Teacher Xiaoxin



Xiaoxin Li (李小新), born in Beijing, China. Migrate to Australia in 2000, with two children aged 9and 5. Having lived in Victoria and Northern Territory for 6 years, reside in Tasmania since 2006.

Bachelor of Education (Primary Teaching) 2004
Charles Darwin University (Pending)

Most studentsof Class 3,are from Chinese family background, class is conducted mostly in Chinese. Students are kinder aged children and above, about 4 to 9 years old. Students are expected to be able to use basic Chinese greetings; recognize some numbers in Chinese writing, shapes and colors in Chinese; known 1 or 2 simple Chinese Nursery Rhymes. Teaching Chinese in Class 3 give priority to listening and speaking skills, supplementary study in reading and writing Chinese characters. Teaching materials are 《幼儿汉语》series. Through grammar learning, word replacing, sentence building, traditional Chinese poems, fork stories, songs, nursery rhymes and Videos, we target the students’ vocabulary and sentences building abilities.

By learning the Pinyin and tones, students gradually acquire ability to recognize and read simple Chinese Characters. Chinese Character Writing is individually programmed, from basic Chinese Radicals to slightly complicated Chinese Characters; we focus on correct character strokes. After each lesson, the teacher email parents the class feedback and homework which is speaking and Chinese character writing practice-based.

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