Class 2

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Teacher Candy



My name is Candy, and I’m a postgraduate student in UTAS. I’m a person who is optimistic, vivid and would like to stay with children.

The students in class 2 are mostly from families with English background and aged between 6 and 11 years. This is a new class, which started in 2013, with one-year Chinese experience of sample topic words. This class is mostly about having fun to allow beginner level students an easy introduction into learning Chinese, and helping them knowing and loving Chinese language and culture. The studying content includes greetings, colors, animals, fruits, vegetables, snakes, drinks, family members and related daily words. We aim to enhance students’ interest in learning Chinese by playing games, singing songs, learning traditional dances, watching TV programs and teaching Chinese history. In addition, class feedback is provided after each lesson via emails for parents to help their children practice at home.

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