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Teacher Pu Gong

我叫龚璞,来自四川成都,是塔斯马尼亚大学硕士教学专业在读学生,主修中文和数学。本科毕业国家语言文字委员会颁发的普通话二级甲等资格证书。作为教学专业二年级的学生,我参加了两次实习,分别是在Princess Street Primary School和the Friends’ School。通过这两次的实习,我逐渐对学生的学习情况有了更进一步的了解。希望在中文学校我能用我的严谨的专业知识和活泼的教学风格让更多孩子爱上中文和中国文化。

我们班是继幼儿班之后的班级,学生年龄在6-8 岁,基本都来自于英文背景的家庭。我们的教材以《幼儿汉语》第二册为主,同时会根据同学们的兴趣、爱好添加新的内容作为辅助。课堂具体讲授会以课本及多媒体教学方式,配合与汉语文化相结合的知识及通过活动,鼓励同学们做手工,做游戏等调动学生们的学习主动性,帮助学生们能够在轻松愉快的环境中学好中文。

My name is Pu Gong, from Chengdu Sichuan. I am currently a student in UTAS majoring in master of teaching (secondary), specializing in Chinese and Mathematics. I got a qualification in PSC, Putonghua ShuipingCeshi (the test for the level of mandarin).

As a second year student in master of teaching, I already had 2 practicum experiences in Princess Street Primary School and the Friends’ School. With the help of these 2 professional experiences, I gradually learn to know more about how students learn in Australia. I hope I can motivate more kids to love Chinese as well as Chinese culture with my discreet professional knowledge and vivid teaching style.

Our class is followed by Kindergarten Class with children around 6 to 8 years old and most of them came from the families with English Background. In this semester, we are learning YOUER HANYU as well as many extracurricular interesting things about Chinese Culture according to students’ interests. Each class, I will use the form of lecture come with vivid multimedia teaching to introduce the words we are going to learn. In addition, I will encourage students take part in activities related to Chinese Culture such as handwork or games to stimulate their interests and review what we have learned before. I wish all the students can learn Chinese well with fun.

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